Friday, November 2, 2012

చలి కాచుకోడానికి 
కట్టెలు అయిపోయాయా ?? నా గుండె ఇదిగో 

*   *   *    *   *

నవ్వు మట్టిలో కన్నీటిని
కలిపి మనసు కలనే బొమ్మ చేస్తుందా?

*    *    *   *

పేదవాడికి కలలే 
ఖర్చులేకుండా దొరికే వస్తువులు కదూ !!

*   *    *    *   *


  1. You are really a poet sister Margaret.

  2. The Desire
    Desire to be great, Desire to be recognized, Desire to be loved, Desire to be rich, Disire for passion, Desire to sexual gratification… and so on. Desire is a chemical mechanism in one’s brain makes the heart craving for something which gratify the mind, heart and sensual organs. A human being without desires can’t lead a colorful and intresting life, provided there must be desire to be faithful, desire to be respected and desire to be sacrificed
    The day dreamers never reach the heights in life. The dreaming without constuctiveness and with lazyness between the age from 12 to 17 years causes much loss to the life as the mental constituion of a man settle at this stage. The dreaming with lazyness reduces the activeness in the body. The people of desire with selfishness are living in dreams for ever and they are an extra and waste mass to this beautuful earth. Constructive / Creative thought is charged to the full with magnetic life energy while ordinary thought only has a very limited amount of life energy.The lazyness with day dreaming still reduce the amount of life energy. Only creative thought attracts to us all things we may desire. The measure that you mete out shall be the measure that is mete to you again. An ordinary thought is only transformed into a creative thought through the act of concentrated focus / constructiveness without lazyness generating emotion and positive affirmations towards the thought.
    (According to reliable source from survey institutions, in India 70% of teenagers between age of 12 to 15 years, most of them girls, living in dreams, so that they are permitted to kitchen. Only 30% of them running towards success)
    People who follow their heart’s desire are the most successful. When you follow your heart’s desire, it is not a matter of whether you will have it, it is only a matter of time. You will always have what you want when you follow your heart’s desire. When you follow your true heart’s desires, you will live a life where everything you ever wanted will be available to you, and you will be loving every minute of it as you’re on the path towards them. Your true heart’s desires will also inspire you to take the right action whenever it will serve to bring the fulfillment of your desires. We experience happiness when we are being true to ourselves, knowing that we are going in the direction of what we really do want.
    The reason why we do not go after our heart’s desire is because we do not want our hearts to be broken. That’s why we go for something else instead, so that when we fail, we can deal with failure in a logical manner, without letting our hearts be affected. Our emotions are what activates the law of attraction. Your heart’s desire creates the most powerful emotions that you can experience and therefore has the most emotional and magnetic attracting power, which can overcome any and all obstacles to make it a reality. When your heart’s desire is driving you, nothing or no one is able to stop you.
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